We Absorb The Depreciation

We can sell for so much less because the cars have been leased for a few months or a few thousand kilometers. Not only does Budget purchase vehicles at huge discounts, the initial depreciation is already factored in. When you buy at Budget, the price you pay is a more accurate reflection of the true value of the car.

Original New Car Warranty

Many Budget cars are still covered by the balance of the original new car warranty. That means if you have a problem, it can be fixed at any authorized dealer. But for even greater peace of mind, we have available a 7 year, 160,000 km. service contract to back you up long after the original purchase.

100 Point Vehicle Inspection

PVI Precision Vehicle Inspection, a Certified Provincial Inspector offers a detailed 100- point checklist, to find any defects or concerns and or observations with the vehicle at the time of inspection. During this process, they will road test the vehicle, elevate "lift off the ground" to check the under-body, brakes, tires, steering, suspension and check for previous accident damage. As well, scan the computer system for trouble codes and many other items on their checklist. They will also include an overview of the concerns at the time of inspection.